Turbo Prop Aircraft

Turbo Prop Aircraft Specifications

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Turbo Prop Aircraft Specifications
P-180 KING AIR 100 KING AIR 200B
G-200 KING AIR 300B  

Why Charter a Turbo Prop?

TurboProp aircraft are an excellent choice for many charter flights for their excellent combination of low hourly costs and fuel efficiency. Certain models can even accomodate as many passengers and luggage as a pricier Light jet. Because they have a smaller range than a Light jet, Turbo-Prop planes are particularly suited for short trips, such as flights from San Francisco to L.A. or between major metro hubs in Texas.

Turbo Prop Performance and Charter Rates

Turbo Prop planes are generally best suited for short flights of one to two hours in duration since they have a shorter range than any Private Jet category. The hourly rate below is an approximate hourly charter price before fuel, taxes and other fees. Based on the strength of our network of certified operators, we are frequently able to find efficiencies in the network that allow us to offer even better charter rates.

Range (statute miles) Passenger Capacity Hourly Charter Rate
1,000-1,200 6-7 $1,200-$1,500

Turbo Prop Charter Quotes

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