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Learjet Specifications

View jet specifications, photo galleries, and charter rates by Learjet model by clicking the links below.

Learjets Specifications
Lear 23 Lear 24 Lear 24A
Lear 24B Lear 24D Lear 24DXR
Lear 24F Lear 25 Lear 25B
Lear 25BXR Lear 25C Lear 25D
Lear 25DXR Lear 25G Lear 25XR
Lear 28 Lear 31 Lear 31 ER
Lear 31A Lear 35 Lear 35A
Lear 36 Lear 36A Lear 40
Lear 40XR Lear 45 Lear 45XR
Lear 55 Lear 55 LT Lear 55ER
Lear 60 Lear 60XR Lear 70
Lear 75 LR-55B  

Why Charter a Learjet?

The Learjet aircraft family includes a versatile array of Light and Mid-Sized jet models. Learjets are prized for their speed and high performance capabilities as well as sleek, aerodynamic appearance. Some Learjets may not be as roomy as other comparable models, so Lears are best suited for those who favor speed over cabin dimensions.

Learjet Charter Rates and Performance

The Light models within the Learjet aircraft family are best suited for trips under two hours, while Mid-Sized models such as the Learjet 60 can fly nearly five hours non-stop. The Learjet charter rate below is an approximate hourly price before fuel, taxes and other fees. Based on the strength of the PrivateJets.com network of certified operators, we are frequently able to find efficiencies in the network that allow us to lower costs for Learjet charters.

Range (statute miles) Passenger Capacity Hourly Charter Rate
1,375 5-7 $1,750-$3,500

Learjet Charter Quotes

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