Commercial Charter Jets

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Why Charter a Commercial Jet?

The commercial charter jet category encompasses all private flights for more than 20 passengers - but some charters can be as high as several hundred passengers, utilizing large airliners. These airliners can be outfitted identical as on a standard commercial plane, able to accomodate a very large group, or can have custom reconfigured interiors able to host a smaller group in an extremely luxurious cabin. Commercial charter is most frequently used for large group travel such as corporate incentive travel, sports team travel, or special event travel.

The Specialized Commercial Jet Charter Market

Commercial jet charter falls under a different set of Federal Regulations (FAR Part 121) than standard private jet charters for less than 20 passengers (FAR Part 135). It is highly advisable to work with an experienced agent with knowledge in this particular market, who will now how to work within these regulations. At we are proud to offer both significant experience as well as expertise in this specialized market.

Commercial Jet Charter Rates and Performance

Commercial jet charter is a far broader category than any of the private jet categories, and can include dozens of different commercial jet models. Depending on your particular trip need and preferences, we will work closely with you to find the right aircraft for your travel. Quotes and rates will also vary significantly depending on trip specifics and aircraft selected, therefore it is not possible to include an estimated hourly rate. We would be more than happy to work on a customized large group commercial jet charter quote for any of your needs.