Private Jet Types

detailing what makes private jet types different

Private jets can vary greatly. The best private jet for your air charter really depends on a number of factors. Before you decide on which private jet to charter for your trip, you should ask yourself a few questions. How many people will be on board the charter flight? How far are you travelling? Do you want to travel without having to make a stop for fuel? How much baggage will you and your passengers be carrying? What is your budget?

Depending on the purpose of your air charter, the size of your party, and the length of your charter flight, you may need anything from a Turbo Prop aircraft to a Heavy Jet.

What Private Jet Type is Best for My Charter Flight?

For short-range, small group charter flights a Turbo Prop or a Light Jet might be the best choice for you. Among private jets, Light Jets are often the most economical choice and in most cases can comfortably seat up to five passengers. The downside of Light Jets, however, is a shorter range than other private jets and limited baggage space.

For charter flights that are a bit longer, or have a few more passengers, there is the medium, Midsize or Super Mid-Size Jet option. Midsize private jets have a longer range and faster speed than Light Jets and provide a greater level of comfort. Midsize Jets are recommended for jet charter flights of up to eight passengers.

For longer trips, such as cross-country charter flights, or parties of more than eight passengers, you may want to consider a Heavy Jet a Long Range Jet. With the utmost luxury in private jets and aircraft charter, the Heavy Jet can easier take parties of up to twelve or more across country non-stop.

If your jet charter needs consist of chartering private jets for very large groups, there is always the option of Commercial Charter Jets, which are available in traditional and VIP seating configurations.

What Details About my Private Air Charter do I Have to Know?

Be sure to discuss all of your flight details with your charter representative before booking any private jet. In order for your private jet consultant to provide the best option for your flight, you should disclose all details such as how much luggage you will be bringing, your passenger count, and any special mobility or dietary needs / allergies you may have. Having this information ahead of time can make a big difference in which private jet will be the best fit for your air charter.