Why do landings vary from flight to flight?

I’m sure we can all agree- all landings are different- some hard, some soft. But why are some landings smooth, while others can be a bit more jarring? Should I be worried about my safety during a bumpy landing?

The truth is pilots  have quite a bit of control over the “type” of landing the aircraft makes as it touches down. The most enjoyable landings are the ones where you can barely tell the wheels of the jet have contacted the runway. During these landings, everything is smooth and steady. Depending on a number of factors, however, there are situations where pilots will intentionally land the aircraft less smoothly to increase safety.

As a passenger you probably don’t realize how many variables are at play during an aircraft landing. Weather is a large factor. Just like the roads we drive on, when runways are wet with rain or snow, they can be slippery. Pilots landing under these weather conditions often tend to land a bit “harder”. A harder landing creates more friction, thus the plane is less apt to hydroplane. Wind may also play a role. If landing in high winds, one wheel may land slightly before the other and generate a “hard” landing.

Every landing is different, there are far too many variables involved for a pilot to land a plane smoothly on every descent. Rest assured, with Privatejets.com you have peace of mind knowing every pilot and aircraft in our program meets the strictest of safety standards. No matter the type of landing, you are in the hands of an industry leader whose rigorous and proprietary safety program is unparalleled.  (For more information on our safety program please visit our private air safety page).

Whether you have an upcoming itinerary or are evaluating your private jet needs, we can provide a complimentary consultation or quote. For more information please call 866-409-0929 or visit our online quote page today.

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