What's the difference bewteenTurbo Props and Light Jets?

Needing to charter a private aircraft for a short hop? What is the best jet for the mission? Many people question the difference between Turbo Props and Light jets. Although both are known for being good solutions for short flights, these two aircraft categories differ greatly.

The main mechanical difference is obviously the engine. Though Turbo Props are similar to the basic turbine jet engine, they are also equipped with propellers – hence their name. The Turbo Prop uses a gas turbine to move a propeller, whereas Light Jet engines rely on jet exhaust for power.  Above and beyond this, however, there are other differentiating factors between these aircraft categories that should be taken into account.

Turbo Prop Aircraft have historically lower hourly costs and great fuel efficiency, which make them a popular choice. Turbo Prop aircraft are known for flying efficiently at lower altitudes. The lower altitude, aircraft structure and speed allow Turbo Props to take-off and land on shorter runways. These factors also, however, lend to smaller range and longer flight times.

Turbo Props are generally suited for shorter flights, between one and two hours in duration, because of their smaller range.  Additionally, these aircraft are known for their lack of luggage space. Because of these factors, as well as weight restrictions, these aircraft are a good choice for day or short business trips.

Turbo Prop Aircraft can typically seat between 6 and 7 people, and have a range of 1,000 to 1,200 statute miles.

Light Jets, also, are generally suited for trips under two hours in length. These jets are often used by smaller parties for fast trips, although some of the jets in this category have the ability to carry more people and/or travel longer distances. With a range typically longer than most Turbo Props, Light Jets are popular for corporate/ business travelers because they tend to be more economical than the mid-sized or larger jets. Though many Light Jets are not very spacious, they do tend to have a bit more in terms of luggage capacity as compared to Turbo Props.

Light Jets can typically seat between 5 and 7 people, and have a range of 1,000 to 1,300 statute miles.

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