What are One Ways and Empty Legs?

Shopping for charter flights can become an overwhelming task. Many clients ask about our Empty Leg and One Way flights. Charter clients don’t always understand what One Way and Empty leg flights are, so we’re going to do our best to explain them.

Are One Way and Empty Leg flights one in the same?

No, One Way and Empty Leg flights are not the same.

Charter customers generally fly round trip. However, there are times when a customer needs to fly only one leg of the trip. In other cases, the time between the destination flight and the return flight is so great that it is not practical to have the jet sit and wait for the return. In the event that only one leg of the trip is needed, charter companies often sell the other leg of the trip as a “One Way”. The legs are usually sold at a discount. These trips sound like a great deal, and they are- if they remain available and you can fit your schedule around them. Other disadvantages include limited flexibility in FBO choice and scheduling.

How is an Empty Leg different? At times, aircraft need to reposition from their base in order to fulfill crew or scheduling requirements. These flights are known as “Empty Legs”.  They occur when a crew has to fly from their current position to a new location in order to pick up new passengers.  These flights can also, at times, be available for a deep discount. Again, like One Ways, these flights have limited availability that is subject to change. If you can find one that fits into your schedule, however, there can be a significant financial benefit.

Empty Leg and One Way fights do have many restrictions. Due to certain scheduling restrictions, not all Empty Leg and One Ways posted may even be available for purchase. You must be flexible with your travel schedule and your departure/arrival airports, which can often be difficult for travelers. You are also not able to pick the type of aircraft you will be flying in and Empty Leg and One Way flights can be cancelled at any time, for any reason.

If you have any questions pertaining to One ways and Empty Legs, or are looking to book an air charter feel free to contact one of our private jet charter consultants today at 866-409-0929 or fill out a charter quote form and we will be sure to respond promptly.

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