Tips for Peak Travel Days

Traveling during peak seasons can be difficult. Flights are often hard to come by, and landing slots are far and few between. These peak times come and go every year; however there are a few simple things to keep in mind when planning any travel during these heavy traffic seasons.

Plan Ahead
The first is to book your flight in advance. The sooner your flight is booked, the sooner you can secure your landing slot. Peak travel days often tend to surround holidays. The only way to secure your preferred flight and landing time is to plan ahead. Please note our usual 10 hour notice guarantee does exclude peak travel days.

Choose Alternatives
Many popular airports and FBOs fill landing slots quickly. If your choice location fills, be open to landing in an alternate airport close to your final destination. Airports and FBOs that are a little out of the way can be less busy and much easier to secure during peak travel season. In addition, many smaller FBOs offer greater value than larger facilities by extending discounts for their service. If you are concerned about getting to your destination, your private jet consultant can help you with all of your ground transportation arrangements.

Be Flexible
Whether it’s with dates, jet models, or airports/FBOs- be flexible! Changing your trip dates may allow you to get a landing slot in your preferred location. While changing a preferred jet model or airport/FBO may also make your trip just a little more manageable.

Begin your planning today! Fill out our charter jet quote form today or call us at 866-409-0929 and one of our private aviation experts will be in touch with you shortly to get your trip started.

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