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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. However, when it comes to private jet travel, seeing these luxurious planes up-close and in-person is definitely worth a whole lot more.

Recently, Sentient Jet had the opportunity to treat a select group of its Travel Professional partners to an intimate tour of several private jets.  Held in both California and New York, Sentient was proud to host team members from Cruise Specialists, Smartflyer, and Valerie Wilson Travel.

Jet models included in the tours were the Gulfstream III and Citation CJ3. These jets are both known for their excellent balance of comfort, speed and luxury. The large Gulfstream III can fit up to 14 passengers comfortably. The ultimate business jet, the G-III is well known for its long range and high speed. It is powered by 2 Rolls-Royce Spey turbofan engines with thrust reversers and features a TV and DVD player, surround sound and also a full sized bathroom. The Citation CJ3 can accommodate up to 6 passengers in a center-aisle configuration. It is made for shorter trips and is powered by two Williams FJ44-3A engines. Although smaller in size, this light jet still offers luxury and comfort (just in a smaller package!), After the tours, attendees posed inside and outside with each jet.

To get a taste of your own private jet tour, visit the jet model image galleries on our site. Or to enjoy a complete private jet experience of your own, simply fill out the online jet charter quote request form or contact your Travel Professional and ask to book your next jet charter through Sentient.

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    Smartflyer Team
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