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Many private jet travelers have a good understanding when it comes to charter flight related terms. Yet, for those who may be new to the industry — or anyone who needs a refresher — we've compiled a small list of private aviation terms and their definitions. provides high class service with an industry leading safety program to ensure you are getting the most out of your private jet flight. If you have a question regarding jet charter options — or wish to get a quote for a specific itinerary, fill out our online quote form today. If you wish to speak with someone directly, call 866.409.0929 and one of our charter flight specialists will be in touch with you shortly.

AOC (air operator's certificate) — the approval granted from the NAA to an aircraft operator to allow an aircraft to carry out specified commercial air transport operations.

Avionics - electronic control systems inside an aircraft that are used for purposes such as communication or navigation.

Duty Time — the portion of the day (or night) when a pilot or crew member is operating or flying an aircraft. This time is limited through the FAA.

Cruise Speed — the normal speed a jet flies once it has reached its altitude.

FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) an agency within the US Department of Transportation that is oversees aviation within the U.S.

FBO (Fixed Based Operator) — small service facilities that are set apart from commercial terminals at airports. These serve as a waiting area for those who are flying privately.

Flight Plan — a detailed schedule and expected route of the aircraft taking flight filed by pilots or a flight dispatcher.

Nautical mile — a unit of length that corresponds to one minute of arc of latitude along any meridian. One nautical mile = 1.15078 miles.

Maintenance Record — Detailed notes that specify the exact inspection and repair activities for a certain aircraft.

PIC (Pilot in Command) — the pilot who is responsible for the safety and operation of an aircraft during a flight.

Positioning - the process of moving an aircraft from one position to another.

Statute mile — a unit of length that is equal to 5,280 feet.

Tail number - a registration number that is assigned to an aircraft.

VLJ — (very light jet) -  an aircraft that can be operated by one pilot and holds less than four passengers.

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