Private Jet Charter Flights - The Answer for Stranded Travelers

The recent eruption of the Iceland volcano "Eyjafjallajokull" last week has caused major problems throughout the air travel world. Thousands of flights have been cancelled throughout Europe & other countries which left thousands stranded across the globe. The eruption caused a volcanic ash cloud resulting in an air travel ban which went into effect last Friday. Today, all airports across Europe have been re-opened as aircrafts are now permitted to fly. Unfortunately, this has left many passengers scrambling to find a flight and no one knows how long it may take for the commercial airlines to catch up with this backlog of flights.

At a time when commercial airlines were unable to meet the needs of many flyers, the benefits of the added flexibility of private jet travel have become even more evident. Demand for private jet travel to and within Europe has been soaring since the beginning of the volcano troubles, as air charter companies such as have been able to find different solutions to help travelers get to their destinations. While private aviation and commercial aviation were both restricted from flying through the zone of ash for the same safety concerns, private jets are not restricted to the limitations of a scheduled service from A to B. These private charter flights can instead arrive at a new destination, as close as possible to their final destination, or can utilize more out of the way routing to circumvent an area that’s not safe for flight.

This is true not just during times of a major travel disruption affecting multiple countries such as the Icelandic volcano, but also on other occasions when commercial air travel may leave their scheduled passengers with no other options. Over the December holidays in 2006, many fliers became stranded for days in Denver due to severe winter storms. Fliers who turned to charter flights were still unable to fly in or out of Denver, but they could utilize smaller private airports within a few hours drive of the city that were open. In short, private jet charter can provide options that commercial air travel simply can’t.

In addition, some private air charter companies are better equipped than others to deal with the special challenges that arise from these situations. During the past week, travel conditions to and from Europe were changing every few hours. Companies were vying for the limited slots available in the smaller airports that were safe for flight and just outside of the area impacted by the ash. At, our company offers a robust capability to deliver flawless service in even the most challenging settings, led by a 24/7 Command Center staffed with aviation professionals, including a dedicated International Specialist.

Now that the ban has lifted, private air charter can help accommodate those who find many flights backed up or delayed over the next week. To get started with a quote for any upcoming or immediate travel needs, simply fill out our online private jet charter quote form today. You can also contact us by phone at 866.835.9487. One of our sales directors will get you to your destination quickly while ensuring outstanding levels of both service and safety

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