Most Popular Jets & Why

With such a variety of private jet options available, we are often asked which ones are the most popular among clients. The reality is all models of jets are different. There aren’t any that are necessarily better than others. Different models support different types of missions in different ways. You will find that specifications and configuration can even differ within the same jet model depending on owner preferences. We have found the jets outlined below have always been popular among private flyers. Remember, however, to keep the following in mind when choosing a particular jet model for your trip:

  • How many passengers will you be traveling with?
  • Will you have any pets with you on your private jet?
  • How much baggage will you and your passengers be traveling with?
  • Which is more important to you in a private jet, speed or cabin room?


Light Jet: Hawker 400XP
The Hawker 400XP is considered a light jet. This particular model is a great option for short distance trips which require fewer pieces of luggage.

Typical Passenger Count: 7
Approximate Range (statute miles): 875 - 1,350
Average Speed (mph): 479
Total Baggage (vol., cu. ft.): 46
Cabin Height (ft): 4.8
Cabin Width (ft): 4.9
Cabin Width (ft): 15.6


Mid/Super-Mid: Citation X
The Citation X is a Mid/Sup-Mid sized jet. It has a pretty large luggage capacity and is great for longer distance trips with a bit more luggage space - more than enough room for your bags and even a set of golf clubs!

Typical Passenger Count: 7-8
Approximate Range (statute miles): 3,100 - 3,300
Average Speed (mph): 535
Total Baggage (vol., cu. ft.): 82  
Cabin Height (ft): 5.7
Cabin Width (ft): 5.6
Cabin Width (ft): 23.7


Heavy: Gulfstream V
The Gulfstream V is a heavy jet, and a great one at that! There’s more than enough room for everyone on this jet, with all of the accompanying luggage capacity. There are often stewardesses on these types of jets to serve you while you’re in flight!

Typical Passenger Count: 15-19
Approximate Range (statute miles): 6,200 – 6,800
Average Speed (mph): 507
Total Baggage (vol., cu. ft.): 226
Cabin Height (ft): 6.2
Cabin Width (ft): 7.3
Cabin Width (ft): 50.1

There are, of course, many additional jet options and models our charter consultants would be happy to source for you. If you have any questions about private jet travel, or are looking to book an air charter feel free to contact one of our private jet charter consultants today at 866-409-0929 or fill out a charter quote form and we will be sure to respond promptly. Be sure to also like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for the latest private air charter news!

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