Luggage recommendations based on aircraft size

Commercial airlines have been cracking down on luggage requirements. Passengers who decide to check more than one piece of luggage, or have an oversized piece, often find themselves paying the price. Passengers flying privately don’t have to worry about these inconveniences. The only thing they need to take into account is how much luggage capacity their jet is equipped with.

For the safety and the pilots and fellow passengers, all luggage must be secured during flight to prevent any potential hazard.  Be sure to discuss any oversized or unusual luggage needs you may have at your time of booking. This will ensure that you have the best-suited jet for your trip! The actual capacity of the luggage area differs greatly between jet size categories. The following is an example of this range:

Light Jets:                            40 – 70 cu.ft.
Mid/Super-Mid Jets:           40 – 150 cu.ft.
Heavy Jets:                         115 – 240 cu.ft.

There can even be luggage capacity variances within same jet type depending on interior configuration. This is why is so important to discuss any luggage requirements you may have at the time of booking. This includes any unconventional pieces such as skis, golf clubs, bikes and the like. Believe it or not, some light aircraft have a cargo area roughly equivalent to that of a luxury sedan. Save yourself any unexpected stowage issues at the airport and let us help with the luggage accommodation plan in advance.

If you have any questions pertaining to flying privately or are looking to book an air charter feel free to contact one of our private jet charter consultants today at 866-409-0929 or fill out a charter quote form and we will be sure to respond promptly.

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