Don't Let a Grey Charter Cloud Ruin Your Private Jet Experience, safety is always our number one priority when it comes to charter flights. As a program of Sentient Jet, we uphold safety standards that exceed FAR Part 135 aircraft regulations. We put each one of our certified operators and their management through rigorous examinations to ensure we work only with the best in the country. We also have an Independent Safety Advisory Board, unique to the private aviation industry. This group of aviation experts regularly assesses our safety protocol to ensure we continue to implement the highest safety standards.

While these safety standards are extremely important to us, many charter operators do not meet or follow any safety regulations at all. In fact, according to industry experts, around 50% of the world's charter flights are illegal. recently published an article that discusses this ongoing problem that seems to continue throughout the U.S and other countries. Often referred to grey charters, these flights are illegal because the operators do not hold an aircraft operating certificate (AOC). This is a mandatory certificate that all aircraft operators need to carry passengers if they are paid to fly.

Many passengers are attracted to these charter flights because they often cost significantly less than an professional charter operator. Although the prices are lower, illegal charters do not adhere to extremely important safety standards. Other risks that are associated with illegal charters include aircraft maintenance, pilot and crew-member experience, and insurance coverage. The owners of the private jets can also be held liable - and risk losing any insurance if an incident occurs during an illegal charter flight.

This increasing number of illegal charter flights is becoming a huge concern for both legal charter operators and the public. Meeting high safety standards and complying by all FAA and TSA regulations should be a top priority for anyone who operates a charter business. Many of these operators are getting away with these illegal flights causing some organizations to take action. The European Business Aviation Association is preparing to launch a campaign called "Illegal Operations" to increase the awareness of this problem. The group will be sending out printed fliers that will ask charter operators the question "Is your flight legal?" This flier will list out the risks and consequences that companies will have to face if they provide grey charters.

A professional and safe charter company is always willing to show passengers their AOC, proof of valid insurance for public transport operations, and their permit to fly. When you fly with, you can rest assure we work with a small group of certified operators that always exceed every aircraft safety standard. To deliver our promise, we've created an innovative 9-point safety program that is highly recognized throughout the industry. This covers both our internal activities, as well as our participating operators. If you are looking to book a private flight with a company where safety is the highest priority, contact one our Sales Directors today at 866.409.0929 or fill out of our jet charter quote form.

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