Can Commercial Airlines Measure Up to Private Charter?

In a recent Wall Street Journal article "How Corporate Jets, Airlines Stack Up", Jeff Mills discusses the airline industry and its attempt to compete with private jet service. Commercial airlines have started to pay more attention to the many advantages a charter flight offers and are looking into ways they can compete. Airlines such as Virgin and Emirates offer private jet-like comfort, such as double beds and even private first-class suites.

This may be an attempt to provide first class travelers with luxury onboard, but the writer makes a great point in stating that a private charter's "biggest selling point is the convenience of taking off when you like, from where you choose. And there are plenty of passengers for whom privacy and convenience are worth the often hefty price ticket". The article points out that often times private flight rates are only a bit more expensive than first class tickets. This can be true, especially when you compare the cost of multiple first class tickets to one private flight accommodating several business executives. A London based aircraft operator executive, Patrick Margetson-Rushmore, points out that "because the schedule is built around you, you can cover far more ground in a day than in an airliner". Business travel expenses - such as overnight hotel and meal charges - can also add up if executives are restricted to an airline schedule. Other key perks to private jet rental include the absence of airport headaches and stressful flight delays.

The article goes on to discuss the possible competition airlines may bring to the charter industry. Yet for those who already fly privately, this is no cause for concern. Mainly because the article showcases the most important benefit a private charter can offer and the airlines cannot — time savings. Today, we live in a fast paced business world where every minute counts. This is why we believe chartering a jet is more than just a luxury — it is a necessary business tool. And while the airlines continue to imitate private onboard luxuries, there is nothing that comes close to the true benefit of saving your time.

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