Avoid the Dreaded Nightmare of Waiting on a Runway

Just recently, passengers onboard a Virgin Atlantic Airways flight from London to Newark were left stranded on the tarmac at Connecticut's Bradley International Airport for four hours. Passengers report they were left inside of the hot aircraft with no air conditioning and were not offered food or water. One passenger required oxygen while other passengers were treated by paramedics claiming they did not feel well. Passengers also recall that there were many announcements claiming they would be leaving the tarmac in just a few minutes. This never occurred and were allowed to de board the aircraft around 1am.There is a three-hour limit on a tarmac stranding, yet this rule that was instated in April does not apply to international flights by U.S carriers and foreign carriers. After the passengers were allowed off the plane, they sat through more delays going through customs and were then taken to Newark Liberty International Airport by bus. The flight had been diverted due to weather constraints.

While flight delays are a typical daily occurrence with commercial airlines, these extreme situations are making headlines more often than they should. We often hear the horrors of when commercial airlines keep their passengers on a tarmac, leaving them helpless and confused on the plane. When it comes to air travel, there is only one way to avoid these type of flight horror stories - and that is flying privately.

With Privatejets.com charter, if weather delays occur our service experts act proactively - calling you before you've even left your hotel or home so you can stay at that location in comfort rather than at the airport. And we will never say we can't get you there - when faced with an issue at your destination, we'll come up with options and let you decide. Do you prefer to wait a few hours or perhaps we can arrange a flight to another nearby airport - and have your preferred rental vehicle or car service waiting on-site when you land. Quite simply, with Privatejets.com you have the flexibility of making your own itinerary rather than flying on an airline's schedule - and there is no other charter company more focused on serving your needs.

Our private jet charter quote form makes planning your trip easy. Fill out it today and one of our sales directors will get you to your destination quickly with a competitive rate on a high-quality, certified aircraft. You can also call us at 866.835.9487 to get started right away.

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