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Summar Air Travel Can Be Easy with Private Jet Charter
June 2, 2010

The summer travel season has officially started – now that we’ve made it through Memorial Day weekend and are just beginning the month of June. Children are out of school for the summer and families are headed to their summer vacation destinations. For others, business travel still continues no matter how nice the weather is outside. During the next few busy travel months, air travel can often become stressful and difficult when flying commercially. Not only are the airports congested and many flights often delayed, the top five airlines in the United States just announced this week that they will…

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Last Minute Travel? Empty Legs are Your Solution
May 20, 2010

Do you have some flexibility when it comes to your private jet charter trips? Or do you need a last minute solution for an unplanned personal trip? Maybe that conference call or meeting planned for tomorrow should really be face-to-face – leading to a better chance at the business deal you’ve been working towards. In many of these situations, empty legs could be the answer. When private jets make a one way trip and drop off passengers, they often fly back empty. Other times, they need to head somewhere to pick up passengers and fly to them with an empty…

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Sentient Jet Introduces 25-Hour All-Inclusive Jet Cards
May 19, 2010

Sentient Jet the leading private aviation company that offers private jet card, jet memberships and charter flights, is now offering 25-Hour Jet Cards* for purchase. Starting under $90,000**, the new Sentient 25-Hour jet cards provide guaranteed access to Light or Mid sized jets at exceptional prices. While other jet cards limit you to a single jet, the new 25-Hour jet card by Sentient allows a private jet traveler to choose a range of jets within either size. With prices on average $30,000 below other national card competitors, these jet cards offer the best solution for charter flights and business jet…

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Private Jet Charter Flights - The Answer for Stranded Travelers
April 22, 2010

The recent eruption of the Iceland volcano "Eyjafjallajokull" last week has caused major problems throughout the air travel world. Thousands of flights have been cancelled throughout Europe & other countries which left thousands stranded across the globe. The eruption caused a volcanic ash cloud resulting in an air travel ban which went into effect last Friday. Today, all airports across Europe have been re-opened as aircrafts are now permitted to fly. Unfortunately, this has left many passengers scrambling to find a flight and no one knows how long it may take for the commercial airlines to catch up with this…

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Announcing a New Addition to the Jet Charter Family: The Falcon 900LX
April 17, 2010

In the next coming months, the new Falcon 900LX jet by Dassault will become certified and available to the public. This new, highly efficient jet was built on the same platform as the Falcon 900EX and is the newest addition to the Falcon jet family. Designed for higher efficiency, this aircraft will feature winglets and an extended range to 4,800 nautical miles. Expected to be the most popular of the Falcon series, this aircraft will feature 55%-70% better efficiency than other private jets in its class. Learn more about the Falcon jet family and other similar aircraft charter options by…

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