International Jet Charter

What Type of Trips are Considered to be “International”?

  • Trips originating outside of the United States
  • Intra-Europe
  • Other international location to international location
  • International location to the United States

Why is it More Expensive to Fly Internationally?

  • Taxes and international handling/landing fees
  • Taxed at a premium — VAT tax varies from 15% – 25% (avg. 17.5%)
  • Fuel prices are even higher internationally
  • Private jet market outside of the U.S. is less mature. So, there are fewer aircraft available (less supply means higher prices) — (positively, aircraft are newer than some found in U.S.)

Note: provides a fully-staffed International Travel Desk to ensure the best aircraft and service levels are provided and maintained. Sentient understands that International trips require a level of expertise that only comes with experience and focus.