Common Charter Jet Questions

What is an FBO?

The acronym FBO stands for "Fixed Based Operator". It is a service center set apart from the main commercial terminals at airports. These smaller facilities service executive aircraft and serve as a waiting area for those passengers flying privately. There can often be more than one FBO at an airport — especially the larger hubs. These facilities can be located in close proximity to the commercial terminals or in some cases more than a mile or so away. You should always check the location of your FBO prior to your flight to avoid confusion on your day of travel.

How Many People Can I Fit on a Private Jet?

It really depends on what your needs are. There are some private jets that are configured for up to four passengers max, while some reconfigured commercial jets can seat upwards of 100. There are a lot of aircraft choices out there — probably including the solution you are looking for. Be sure to consult with an aviation professional before making your choice.

Is There Really a Limit to How Much Luggage I Can Bring?

Yes! Many are under the assumption that if they charter a plane, they can bring whatever they want. Though the logic seems right, unfortunately many private aircraft just aren’t equipped to handle a lot of luggage. Again, this depends on the type of jet that you are chartering, but most of the aircraft in the Light and Mid-Size categories do have pretty strict luggage limitations.

How Early Do I Have to Show Up for My Flight?

This is one of the beautiful benefits of private travel – you don’t! As long as you have a valid picture ID or passport, you can show up right at your departure time, get on your jet and go. It is literally that simple.

What is a Private Jet "Tail Number"?

A tail number is quite similar to a license plate on a car. Each aircraft has a unique tail number that is used to identify that particular jet. The first letter of every tail number indicates the country of origin of the aircraft. The unique identifier for the United States is "N".

Why Do I Need to Know My Tail Number?

Typically when you fly privately, you will be informed of the tail number of your jet prior to your flight. This information is important for you to have because it will be used at the FBO to pair you with your pilots. You present your tail number to the representative at the front desk of the FBO. This individual will then locate the pilots of your aircraft and alert them of your arrival so they can then escort you to your jet. The tail number is also used to track the aircraft. This way if you are experiencing delays for any reason your charter representative can alert any friend, family or ground transportation provider that may be waiting for you.

Can I Drive to My Private Jet?

Yes. Most FBOs are gated, however, so you will need to be sure that you, or your driver, know your tail number for entry. Also be sure that you have the proper identification on you. It is recommended that you call your FBO ahead of time to ensure that your aircraft is in position and ready for takeoff. This will prevent you from having to wait upon your arrival.

Do I Have to Go Through Security?

No. Unlike commercial airline flights, there are no long security lines. As long as you have a picture ID matching the name on the manifest, you can board right away. For the safety of the all on board, however, the pilots do reserve the right to inspect any suspicious luggage they deem as posing a potential threat to the well-being of those on board.