Private Jet 101

your private jet questions answered

For those individuals new to private jets and jet charter, there can be a lot of questions. Private air charter is a big step with a considerable monetary commitment. How can you be sure that you are getting the best safety and service without overpaying? There are a lot of private jet charter companies out there and some might seem like a great deal…but what will you be sacrificing? Private jet charter companies are not all created equal. One must be very thoughtful with their choice.

Where do You Begin When Booking a Charter Flight?

Do your research. Make sure that your jet charter company has an outstanding safety and service record. How long have they been in business? Who is the private jet company owned by? Are they stable? Choosing a private jet company is a big decision, you should make sure you are choosing a private jet company that will stand by you.

I Have Made My Private Jet Company Choice. Now What?

Well, your private jet experience should be simple for you. A private jet company that is dedicated to serving you will be readily available for all of your requests. Your private jet representative should take a consultative approach and help you decide exactly what private jet is going to best suit your jet charter needs. In order to ensure you are giving your representative enough information, you should be ready to answer the following questions in regard to your air charter:

  • How many passengers will you be traveling with?
  • Will you have any pets with you on your private jet?
  • How much baggage will you and your passengers be traveling with?
  • Which is more important to you in a private jet, speed or cabin room?
  • Will your charter flight coincide with any major holidays?

These questions will help your private jet representative better understand your unique air charter needs. You should note that these questions are asked not to be invasive, but rather to ensure there are no delays to your charter flight.

Let the Benefits of Jet Charter Begin!

Your decision to charter a jet comes many benefits. You now have the ability to utilize smaller, more convenient private jet airports – restricted to commercial airlines. You will avoid airport congestion and the long lines and waits of commercial terminals.

Traveling by private jet also allows you to customize catering orders, have any ground transportation arrangements made for you, and above all travel on your schedule.

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