Private Air Safety

As a program of Sentient Jet, has a remarkable private aviation safety culture. We believe that safety is the job of every employee, from our Chief Safety Officer to our service delivery teams, as well as the operators and pilots who have been carefully selected and certified to participate in our programs. In every area, is committed to being a true leader in the advancement of safety in private aviation.

Independent Safety Advisory Board

The safety program was developed in conjunction with a group of the most senior aviation experts in the world. Comprised of former officials from the Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) and National Transportation Safety Board (“NTSB”), our Independent Safety Advisory Board was created and established in 2005, and remains unique in the private aviation industry. The Board continues to guide and inform all safety initiatives at and provide proactive insights and recommendations to our full-time Chief Safety Officer and Executive Management Team. These are then implemented by the Company and the operators that fly for our programs. Certification Process

Selectivity and experience are central to our programs. Through a meticulous process, we have carefully selected and certified a small group of highly qualified operators that are among the best in the country. has developed strict standards for certified operators. We require each one to undergo both internal and independent examinations of their operations and management. If an operator, its pilots or its aircraft do not meet our exacting standards, then will not certify them and they do not fly for our clients.

Creating a Safety Culture

We are dedicated to maintaining open, consistent lines of communication among all our operators, our staff and our clients. We believe this is the key to establishing an effective safety culture. Our Safety Board reviews all safety issues with complete transparency. Every concern that is raised by a client, staff member or certified operator is brought before the Safety Board to provide an independent and unbiased evaluation of the issue. This allows continual development of new procedures to enhance our already stringent safety standards. This open communication is a central element of our approach and, in many ways, is the foundation of our strong safety culture. 

Leading the Private Jet Industry in Safety

Safety is more than just our promise. It is the core of everything we do. We continue to innovate and drive ongoing initiatives that lead the industry. programs and processes give you the assurance of knowing that your flight will be conducted by some of the most experienced and expertly-trained professionals in the industry. You have the additional comfort of knowing we thoroughly examine all safety-related details to ensure that each and every flight is conducted in accordance with our own rigorous requirements. In an industry that demands the most exacting standards, our programs and processes consistently rise above industry standards. At, safety never stops.