Charter Quote Variants

why jet charter prices can vary

Private jet charter quotes can vary widely, even among jets that are in the same size category. It is vital to have a good understanding of each private aircraft option you are presented with when it comes to quoting. Not all private jet companies follow the same practices in how they present jet charter prices. Be sure when you are comparing multiple quotes that they are both inclusive of all important items. At, we always provide a comprehensive charter quote that includes all key charges as well as uses realistic flight times so there is never a surprise with the final invoice.

What Causes Charter Quotes to Vary Within the Same Aircraft Type?

Private jets, even within the same category, can have very different specifications. A particular private jet type might have above average speed or range for its category. For these reasons, one aircraft may have a slightly higher hourly rate but a lower overall charter flight cost. Another critical factor that can impact quotes are aircraft capacity — how many passengers can the private jet hold? You should also consider whether aircraft on competing quotes offer similar features, such as luggage capacity, enclosed lavatories, cabin space and onboard amenities.

What Should My Private Jet Quote Include?

Be careful! If a jet charter quote seems too good to be usually is. There are a lot of private jet companies out there that SEEM like they are offering you a great deal, until you get your invoice. Hidden fees happen, so here is what you need to ask to avoid them:

  • Does this price include all positioning costs?
  • Is the price based on a realistic flight time for the itinerary?
  • Will there additional landing, international or other miscellaneous fees?
  • Is this cost inclusive of all Taxes?
  • Will there be an additional cost for taxi time?
  • Does this price include all Fuel Surcharges?