Jet Charter Pricing

private jet pricing factors

Private jet charter pricing is based on a lot of factors. Air charter quotes can vary greatly even between private jets in the same size category. The reason for this is every private jet type has a unique set of specifications. These private jet specifications include factors such as speed, range, baggage capacity and seating configuration. If a particular private jet is faster, or larger than other private jets in its category, the hourly rate may be significantly more for that private jet than the others in the same category. You should take this into consideration when reviewing Typical Charter Costs.

What are Private Jet "Positioning Costs"?

If a private jet needs to be flown in from another airport for a trip, the client may incur "positioning costs". You should always inquire about positioning costs when booking your private jet. The more access to private jet options the company you are working with has, then the better chance you will be able to secure a jet that is nearby and the lower the positioning costs will be for your trip.

How are Air Charter Trips Quoted?

One consideration when you are quoting private jet travel is "how" the air charter company is quoting your trip. What kind of navigational software are they using to come up with your estimate? Be sure that the private jet company is using realistic flight times. A Light Jet and a Heavy Jet have very different speeds. Is the time they are quoting you reasonable, or are they using a faster jet speed in order to get you a lower quote? Many companies will quote a lower flight time as an "estimate" and then surprise you with a final bill that includes extra time.

What Does Your Private Jet Quote Include?

Be sure to ask if the quote presented for your charter flight is all inclusive! Does your private jet quote include Federal Excise Tax, fuel surcharges, landing fees, international fees, ramp fees, etc.? What could initially seem like a great air charter quote could potentially turn into a devastating surprise at invoice time if you don't ask the right questions. Make sure you are asking for the Charter Quote Breakdown, and be on the lookout for any apparent omissions. Click here to Request a Charter and get a quote.

Where Can I Find Special Deals on Private Jets?

If price is a big consideration for you when planning your private jet travel,you may want to be on the lookout for Special Deals and Empty Legs/One Ways. Empty Legs are the flights that charter operators have available in between their scheduled flights. For example, if a private jet is scheduled to fly from Boston, MA to New York, NY in the morning, and then from Pittsburgh, PA to Louisville, KY in the afternoon, that flight from New York, NY to Pittsburgh is considered an "Empty Leg". These are legs that will have no passengers on board, and many companies will sell these flights at a discounted rate. Remember, however, that you must always work within the existing schedule of the operator and crew.